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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic

Call for a quote,  We have widths of  4 ft , 5ft, 6ft, greenhouse plastic covering used for any traditional style greenhouse or dome  1-781-816-7811  0r1-781-267-9112

We will ship your SolaWrap™ roll to you for FREE!  A $500-$900 value!

To anywhere in the continental USA.



Greenhouse Kits ~ Greenhouse Plastic  

Each kits contains:

  • Pre cut Polydress® SolaWrap- sized for each triangle
  • Southern Yellow Pine (80% as dense as oak) precision cut struts
  • Pre-drilled Cambia™ T-Lock batten strips (water and rot resistant)
  • 2-5 windows depending on diameter of dome
  • Univents™ automatically opening window mechanism
  • 32″ knee wall materials with siding
  • Step by step instruction manual



Greenhouse Domes:


 10 ft. Diameter Greenhouse Dome 

  • 78 square feet of floor area
  • Height 7 ft. 8 in
  • Fresh produce for 1 to 2 people

14 ft. Diameter Greenhouse Dome 

  • 154 square feet of floor area
  • Height 9 ft. 8 in
  • Fresh produce for 2 to 3 people


18 ft. Diameter Greenhouse Dome 

  • 254 square feet of floor area.
  • Height 11 ft. 8 in
  • Fresh produce for 3 to 4 people.

20 ft. Diameter Greenhouse Dome 

  •  314 square feet of floor area.
  • Height 12 ft. 8 in
  • Fresh produce for 3 to 5 people

24 ft. Diameter Greenhouse Dome 

  • 452 square feet of floor area.
  • Height 12 ft. 8 in
  • Fresh produce for 5 to 6 people

28 ft. Diameter Greenhouse Dome 

  •  615 square feet of floor area.
  • Height 14 ft. 4 in
  • Fresh produce for 6 to 7 people

32 ft. Diameter Greenhouse Dome 

  • 803 square feet of floor area.
  • Height 15 ft. 11in
  • Fresh produce for 7 to 8 people

36 ft. Diameter Greenhouse Dome

  • 1,017 square feet of floor area.
  • Height 20 ft. 8 in
  • Fresh produce for 8 to 10 people

40 ft. Diameter Greenhouse Dome 

  • 1,256 square feet of floor area.
  • Height 22 ft. 8 in
  • Fresh produce for 10-12

44 ft. Diameter Greenhouse Dome 

  •  1,519 square feet of floor area.
  • Height 24 ft. 8 in
  • Fresh produce for 12 to 15 people



PVC S-Lock ™ Interlocking System

SoloWrap - S-Lock interlocking system

PVC S-Lock Interlocking System

S-Lock is the PVC channel locking system that allows for application of the PolyDress® Solawrap to greenhouses or hoop houses. This locking system connects to the bows of your structure with screws. The beaded edges of SolaWrap slide through the connecting S-Lock quickly and easily.

S-Lock can be purchased in boxes of 25 strips 10”long, for a total of 250 feet per box. These strips are cut easily with a saw to fit your application. They are abutted to create a continuous channel; however do not need to lock together on the ends. If you need less than 250 feet of S-Lock please contact us at 1-781-816-7811 or email

Wood T- Lock Cambia Wood Interlocking System

T-Lock Cambia InterlockingSystem

T-Lock Cambia Wood Interlocking System

Waterproof, rot-resistant, insect-proof.  Cambia wood has been thermally modified to achieve a weatherproof state that will remain beautiful for years to come.  Visit the manufacturer’s website at

We offer Cambia T-Lock™ in 1 1/2″ x 9/16″ x 12′ strips to use as battens to lock down your SolaWrap™ panels.  The system is a simple tongue and groove: Cambia provides the tongue, your struts provide the groove.


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The freshness of your harvest and the explosion of flavor are just the beginning of what your greenhouse dome can do for you.  Knowing that you can provide fresh food for your family or community, independent of what’s going on in the world, is empowering.  You cannot put a price on self-reliance.  A dedicated greenhouse where you can grow food all year long is peace of mind for the troubled.  Greenhouse domes are beautiful and functional.  You will fall in love with your dome each time you walk into it’s balmy air from the freezing cold outside.

Harvest Pathway tries to keep overhead down as much as possible to provide you with the highest quality and value.  We encourage you to pay with a cashiers check or wire transfer.  To show you our appreciation for your accommodation, we would love to offer you a discount for paying by these preferred methods.  Please contact us for your discounted price.

Note: Although we have never raised our prices, we reserve the right to do so.  However, as we update our system, you will be notified leaving you with no surprises on price.

Shipping / Delivery: Harvest Pathway offers free shipping within the continental US.   Please call or email for a shipping quote internationally.

Polydress® SolaWrap Greenhouse Covering – This greenhouse plastic truly sets us apart.  Polydress® SolaWrap is a premium food grade polyethylene bubble film that wraps your greenhouse in diffused light.  The enclosed air insulates better than twin-wall polycarbonate.  You get high light transmission as well as high diffusion, which is rare in the greenhouse-covering world.  SolaWrap also lasts a very long time.  It has been used in Europe for 30 years, and no SolaWrap greenhouse in Europe has ever needed to be re-covered, for 30 years!  See our page about SolaWrap for more information.

We are here to serve you. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns and feedback.

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