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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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Poly Keder™ aka SolaWrap™green house plastic, what is this and where is the benefit?

Poly Keder ™ SolaWrap ™ has had an interesting course since hitting the United States. It started out as Poly Keder™ A Company located in Canada sells it under that name. When it came to the US, that’s what it was called. Then, after a series of events, it was renamed SolaWrap™to describe the benefit of the material. SolaWrap™wraps your greenhouse in sunlight!

Poly Keder ™ SolaWrap™ offers many benefits that other polyethylene greenhouse films and even polycarbonate panels do not. SolaWrap™offers 83% light transmission AND 83% light diffusion. With other glazing you have to make a choice; do you want a green house plastic with high diffusion or high light transmission?

SolaWrap is extremely durable. In New Hampshire, a climate where they received above average snow falls this year; a snow load test was performed. 4000 lbs of an 11 ft high pile of snow was placed on top of a 6×6 piece of SolaWrap attached to a frame using the specially engineered interlocking system. No damage was sustained to either the greenhouse plastic or the interlocking system that secured it to the frame.

Usually a material with high light transmission does not diffuse sunlight very well because it is too clear. A material with high light diffusion does not transmit as much light as your plants would like, because it is glazed or clouded, painted white, or frosted. SolaWrap™ is the first and only greenhouse plastic that does both, due to its unique engineering. This durable 17-mil polyethylene greenhouse plastic is designed with enclosed air bubbles. Sunlight travels through the clear film and bathes your plants on all sides, while it uniquely bends and diffuses light.

Inside our SolaWrap™ greenhouse dome, when it is 20 degrees outside with the wind blowing, we are in our tee shirts enjoying 80° temperatures. The diffused light warms the greenhouse so well that we do not have to use any heating on sunny winter days. The heat that is generated by the sun is reflected off the north wall and soaked up by the items of mass that we selected when designing the interior of the dome, like rock and large tanks of water.

SolaWrap ™  insulates better than twin-wall polycarbonate. It is made up of 3 thick layers of food grade polyethylene, for a total of 17-mil of greenhouse plastic. The total thickness, 1/3 inch, is  because of the enclosed air. Air is the best insulator. Polyethylene, a lighter material than polycarbonate, also allows heat to transfer more slowly than polycarbonate does, therefore insulating better.

SolaWrap™  also lasts much longer than both polyethylene and polycarbonate greenhouse plastic which are the traditional ones sold in the market today. This unique poly film does not yellow, streak, or get brittle, and maintains it’s light transmission properties for an unprecedented amount of time. There are greenhouses in Europe covered with SolaWrap™  poly kedergreenhouse plasticthat have stood the test of time for 30 years. These commercial greenhouses have never replaced the original covering. We don’t actually know how long this revolutionary product lasts, as it continues to be used all across Europe.

In Alaska, while 130mph hurricane force winds where uprooting trees, destroying homes and neighbors standard greenhouses, the Geodesic Dome greenhouse covered with SolaWrap remained damage free.

The light transmission, diffusion, insulation, and longevity of SolaWrap™ outperforms alternative greenhouse plastic and polycarbonate sheeting.

  • We are honored and would love to introduce this miracle greenhouse plastic here in the United States.
  • Commercial Greenhouse owners will be able to put more in their pockets.
  • The landfills will get a reprieve from non-biodegradable discarded poly materials.
  • Homeowners who want to grow healthy food for their families year round can feel confident that their greenhouse structure is covered with a sturdy durable material and can stand up to all kinds of harsh weather.
  • Plants will grow faster, hardier and produce more.

Want to join along with others who are building greenhouse kits ?  Make the contact with us today at or 1-781-816-7811 to find out how you can get your SolaWrap™ greenhouse plastic  or your greenhouse dome kit and start saving.


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