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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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Greenhouses Plans


So many Greenhouses, plans of all kinds, which one do you choose?


When considering different greenhouses, plans for a Solawrap geodesic dome may be worth looking into.  The plans may appear complicated, however the greenhouse is smart, simple to build and beautiful.


Geodesic dome greenhouses require less material to build than a square greenhouse.  The size will dictate the complexity of different greenhouses; plans can be obtained from several different dome calculator sites online.


Many will agree, at first site the dome structure appears complex, yet the secret is, the construction can be quite simple. Yet, building a greenhouse dome from a set of plans may be difficult for the inexperienced individual.  Each piece of the structure has many angle cuts and that alone can be difficult and confusing. Building a geodesic greenhouse from a plan we got online was discouraging. Even though we were following the directions, the angle cuts on the first one we built, were wrong and all the wood became firewood.


After building several grow domes, we finally got the cuts right. My crew and I are experienced builders and all of us agree that ordering a pre-fab kit can make the process much easier.  If you decide to purchase a kit, suddenly, a major project becomes a quick installation.  Handmade geodesic dome kits are beautiful and when constructed correctly, last for years and years.


A unique dome greenhouse structure allows for more yields by maximizing sunlight. When you cover your dome with Solawrap™  greenhouse covering you are able to increase your growing season to produce fresh, organic food for your family year-round.

Why are online searches for Geodesic Dome Greenhouses Plans and kits increasing?

We believe it is because of all the weather disasters we are experiencing lately. Studies have been done that indicates the sphere like structure will provide the best option to with stand extreme weather conditions.

This greenhouse design is a structure compiled of a series of triangles made up of wood pieces cut in different V frequencies. The lightweight dome structures are capable of encompassing maximum volume surface area with minimal interference from internal supports. Although the construction has elastic like properties by the manner in which the triangles are assembled, the dome configuration is extremely stiff, ridged and strong. This unique structure has been proven to withstand severe earthquake activity, impact damage from high force hurricane winds, heavy snow, hail, heavy soil load (mudslides) and seismic activity.

It has also been stated that the unique shape adds properties that align with the earth’s energies in a way that some believe will enhance the growing process of your plants. Perhaps it is because the geometric design resembles a similar design of atoms and molecules, which are the components of life itself.

Sola wrap Geodesic dome greenhouses provide your plants with maximum sunlight, especially if they are in the path of morning sunlight.  This alone may make a dome your first choice when considering greenhouses, plans or kits.  Morning sun is most beneficial to plants, and can help your plants produce more fruit.

The amount of light your structure lets in is especially important when considering the less intense winter sun and light requirements for each plant.  Most plants require at least six hours of sunlight per day to maintain a healthy level of photosynthesis.

Your greenhouse should be in the path of the sun, not shaded by trees or other structures.  The south side of your home, outside the reach of shadows is the best placement for a greenhouse.  The southeast or southwest sides are not as good, but far superior than the east or west.  Never place a greenhouse on the north side of a building in North America.  The sun will always cast a shadow on your greenhouse, and nothing will grow well, especially in winter when the sun is lower in the sky.

When a greenhouse’s plans provide instructions to enclose it with Solarwarp ™ greenhouse plastic your project becomes more efficient and practical. Solarwrap™ looks like bubble pack. The many layers of plastic and air are scientifically designed to enhance growing potential and will provide better balance to the inside environment of the dome to fluctuations of heat, cold and humidity.

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