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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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Greenhouse Kits

Green house Dome Kits

Greenhouse Kits

Kits Come in All Shapes and Sizes, Which one is right for you?

Greenhouse kits offer so many possibilities, and come with so many options.  They allow you to have fresh, truly organic and inexpensive vegetables and fruit all year long.  With an affordable greenhouse kit, your investment can return to you time and again through the savings off your grocery bill, not to mention your increased energy and the higher quality of your health.

A kit can give you anything from a quality hobby greenhouse designed for backyard production to a market growing operation for fresh, local produce to sell at the local farmer’s Markets, restaurants or work place cafeterias.

Three-season greenhouse kits can be built to extend your growing period, allowing you to produce nutritious food earlier in the spring to later into the fall.  Three-season greenhouse designs feature a lighter covering that moderately insulates and allows for ventilation, however will not protect against harsh weather conditions.

Four-season greenhouses allow you to grow all year long because they have better insulating coverings and possibly a heat source.  As a market grower, a four-season greenhouse will yield you the most profit from your efforts with consistent production of nutrient rich, fresh produce. However, the heating system you decide to use may run up some bills during the winter season. Just know that there are some heating systems that you can install, that can be cost effective.

Lean-to greenhouse kits will be attached or built and secured to an existing structure, such as a home.  These structures must be placed on a south-facing wall to receive the most sun and are great if you do not have a lot of property or might be on a tight budget.

Freestanding greenhouses are their own structures.  These are the most common types of greenhouse kits on the market.  They allow for the most flexibility, as they do not depend on the orientation of another building.  Freestanding greenhouse kits come in many shapes, sizes, for all budgets and are designed for all types of climates.

High tunnel or hoop- greenhouse house kits come in two basic shapes, rounded or gothic (peaked) style.  A peaked roof is better for areas of the country that must deal with snow-load, however this design can trap heat in the peak, not allowing it to circulate well to the plants.  Hoop house kits are constructed from bent metal poles that make a frame; the poles are braced together and secured to the ground with wood and metal.  The hoop like frame is typically covered in thin plastic sheeting.  The thickness of the plastic covering will determine whether you will be able to grow year-round in them.  Hoop house kits allow for a lot of ventilation, which is a real boon in the summer.  Hoop houses can be constructed with variable strength materials however, they tend to be weaker structures unless you use heavy gauge galvanized poles and strong brackets. Just know that, because of the design, heavy snow loads can crush them, even with strong poles and bracing.

Geodesic dome greenhouse kits allow you to assemble the strongest type of growing structure, possible.  Wind and snow are not large problems for a dome style greenhouse.  The wind travels over the dome structure, like it would flow over a golf ball.

No single joint takes the whole load.  The weight of the structure is spread out over many joints that are made up of triangles, hexagons, and pentagons.  Many of the earthquake- and hurricane-proof buildings of the world are geo-dome structures because of the strength the design provides.  Domes also have less surface area, so they are naturally insulating.   With the right ventilation and insulating covering, geodesic greenhouse domes can provide the perfect growing space in the summer, as well as, in the winter.  Greenhouse dome kits can be made of metal, PVC or wood frames.  They are covered with anything from thin 4 mil polyethylene, to 5 wall polycarbonate.

One greenhouse covering of note is called SolaWrap,– aka Polydress®LP or Poly keder which accommodates four season growing.  The insulating factors of this food grade, polyethylene film surpasses double wall polycarbonate, while the ventilation capabilities rival a single layer of 6 mil plastic.  No matter what design you use to build a greenhouse, the covering will be a key factor that will help your plants to grow the best.

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