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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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Greenhouse Kit for Sale

Greenhouse Dome Kit for Sale  Who else is looking for a greenhouse kit for sale?


We offer three standard sizes of greenhouse kits, each giving you a different option for greenhouse growing. We have:

15’ diameter kit, which is great for seed starting and season extension, with enough space to feed 1-3 people most of the veggies they would need year-round.


20’ diameter kit, which has enough space to grow veggies to feed 3-5people all the veggies they would need year-round.


30’ diameter kit would grow enough to feed a family of 6-7 the vegetables and fruit that they would need year-round.


When we state that you can feed a suggested amount of people, we are not guaranteeing that you will grow anything. These numbers, of course, are based on how well you cultivate your plants and how many plantings you do each season. However, based on results, we do know that these numbers are achievable.


Geodesic Dome Shape


We primarily offer geodesic greenhouse domes. Why? Because domes, geodomes or biodomes are the strongest structures that man can construct. They are energy efficient because they have less surface area for heat to escape. Dome greenhouses also have naturally circulating air, with no corners for trapping precious heated air or cooled air. Domes are a smart choice when it comes to a greenhouse because they let in much more light, and that light is evenly distributed throughout the greenhouse. There is no shading in a greenhouse dome, unless you use a shade cloth.


Three Vents


Ventilation is of utmost importance in any greenhouse design. The heat from the sun and the enclosed space can spell disaster for tender young plants in the heat of the summer. Harvest Pathway domes come with three automatically opening vents. Two are located on the sides of the dome and one on the top. The top vent draws air out through convection, and that air movement draws cool air in through the side vents. You can also leave the door at the entrance opened for added ventilation. In some domes we have designed a wrap around layer for the bottom so that can be rolled up and secured, to provide additional ventilation and for the summer months.


SolaWrap™ Greenhouse Film


SolaWrap™ is a truly unique product that will help you grow year-round. SolaWrap™ is a greenhouse “bubble film” which is 17 mil of food grade polyethylene plastic comprised of enclosed air bubbles that transmit 83% of light and also diffuse 83% of light. This high light transmission/high light diffusion paradigm is not found in the greenhouse industry; usually you have to choose between one and the other.


SolaWrap™ also has high insulation. Polyethylene film resists temperature changes from one side to the other, typically better than poly carbonate panels will. With the enclosed air,(which is the best insulator) trapped in side the triple layer 17 mil plastic , insulation results are maximized, more so than with most twin-wall poly carbonate sheets.


For longevity, SolaWrap, so far, cannot be beat. There are greenhouses that still have the initial SolaWrap covering on them and have for 24-30 years. They amazingly have never required replacement. The good news is, that means less time and energy, with both maintenance and investment for greenhouse owners.


Thermally Modified Cambia Wood


Thermally modified wood is totally green. It has been heat treated to dehydrate and collapse the cell walls of the wood, to seal out moisture and sugars. This process makes the wood waterproof, insect-proof, and mold and mildew-resistant. We use specially mitered, thermally modified Cambia Wood pieces to batten down the SolaWrap™ plastic panels with a tongue and groove system, which pinches the SolaWrap™ plastic in place. This system is tough and strong to withstand 120 mph windstorms and snow loads of over 100 lbs.


Harvest Pathway SolaWrap™ plastic sheeting covered domes are a strong, smart choice for providing your family with fresh fruits and vegetables year-round. We have a greenhouse kit for sale to meet your growing needs!


We also offer larger custom size greenhouses, designed for small commercial production or for the homeowner who wants to extend their living area with a relaxing garden settee for entertaining, or a family who wants an indoor play area while growing healthy food year round.


What ever your need is, we are here to help you make educated decisions you will be happy with. Contact us at or 1-781-816-7811, we would love to help you get started.




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