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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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Geodesic Greenhouse Kit

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Geodesic Greenhouse Kit

What is a Geodesic greenhouse kit, and how can it help you?

If you have researched greenhouse kits on the web, you have probably discovered that there are so many choices for greenhouse designs, along with a wide range of prices.  You have probably seen one or two options for a geodesic greenhouse kit, and found them to be intelligent unique looking structures.  If you have not yet researched all the greenhouse kits out there, you may be wondering what a geodesic greenhouse kit is and what benefits it offers over other kits on the market?

A geodesic greenhouse kit is a dome like structure with a greenhouse plastic covering known as Solawrap™ that arrives at your door unassembled.  You can build these structures, generally, in a weekend, depending on the size.

A geodesic dome is a semi-spherical structure that is comprised of triangles that form hexagons and pentagons.  These intersections all share the weight of the structure equally, making a dome the strongest, most earthquake and hurricane proof greenhouse you can build, on the market today.

A geodesic greenhouse kit can help you

• By saving you money.  You don’t have to pay to have your greenhouse re-covered or rebuilt every few years or after a storm.

• Save on heating costs due to the energy savings that a dome covered with Solawrap plastic covering provides.  The dome structure has ⅓ less surface area than a square structure, which allows less heat to escape.

• A geodesic dome will provide more light to your plants, helping them yield more nutrient rich fresh produce year round.

• Save on your grocery bill, especially when you consider the cost of organically grown produce.

• Enhance the level of your health by consuming nutrient rich fruit and vegetables.

• Provide a stress free environment, a sanctuary where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

• By reducing your carbon footprint and if you consider growing with a hydroponics system you will conserve water.

This list of benefits a geodesic dome greenhouse, also called a biodome or geodome or grow dome will provide is far from exhausted. When these grow domes are covered with standard 6mil Greenhouse plastic has to be replaced and discarded every few years or every time it becomes damaged.

Polycarbonate yellows and reduces light transmission to your plants and has to be replaced often.  Each time, you have to throw plastic away; you are filling up landfill space.  SolaWrap can be recycled, however you only have to be concerned with that 1-2 times in your lifetime, because it lasts so long.  SolaWrap has lasted 24-30 years on greenhouses in Europe.

A geodesic dome greenhouse kit can be put together using fewer materials, tools and supplies, providing additional savings on time and energy.

If you are seriously considering growing your own food year round and want to build a greenhouse, get a greenhouse kit that will provide the most benefits for the longest amount of time.

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