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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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greenhouse kits pieces all fit- Greenhouse Plans or Purchase a Greenhouse Kit?


Many individuals are tossing this question around. Maybe you are too.  “Do I Build from greenhouse plans or buy a prefabricated greenhouse kit?”


To build:

If you decide building a greenhouse from a a set of plans you will have a lot more options, however you will also have a lot more work ahead of you, as well. Just know that your schedule must permit for a time consuming activity.  It is highly advised that you also have some kind of building experience and all the proper power tools or else mistakes can be costly.


If you are most famous for your powers of procrastination, do-it-yourself greenhouse plans may not be your best choice, either.   Are you easily consumed and arrested by too many options? You are not alone; this is a life changing decision. If you are serious about this project, what will it take to get you out of the idea stage and into the building stage?


Figure out your priorities:

Do you dream of a greenhouse that is not available as a kit?

Do you desire features that cannot be found in a greenhouse kit?

Can you feasibly build the greenhouse you dream of?

Will you ever get to use your greenhouse to grow food?

How will you utilize your greenhouse?

Will you eternally be stuck in the planning and building stages?


If you plan to use recycled materials,

Please make sure that they are safe and appropriate.

It is always best to know if the materials were used in the presence of toxic chemicals.

Are the components you will plan to use being sturdy enough to last from year to year?


Are the parts that you propose to use insulating enough?


Beware of standard door or window glass and plexi-glass when considering recycled greenhouse coverings.   These Glass materials clouds up, do not insulate well and can break easily. Think of the possibilities of potential crop loss when you build with recycled materials not designed for greenhouse structures.


If you are a self-starter, have time to research and have resources to shop for materials, cut and build your greenhouse parts, then DIY greenhouse plans may be the best option for you.


To buy:


With fewer options comes a quicker decision in many cases.   Greenhouse Kits require less work because all of the preparation is done for you.  The materials are gathered and sold together with plans and instructions.  Building a greenhouse kit will take far less time than building a greenhouse from plans.  Assemble in hours to a few days from a greenhouse kit versus weeks to months from a set of plans.  A greenhouse kit may have everything you want, or you may be able to add in the features you want from the manufacturer.  Check with all the available dealers before you purchase.


If you buy just the greenhouse shell, you can furnish it the way you want.  You can quickly build the exterior. You will have full control over the look and design of the interior.   A greenhouse kit is designed with homeowner assembly, in mind.  After all, gardeners are gardeners, not necessarily builders.  As a gardener, you may want to get to the growing stage quickly rather than dwell on the planning and building stages.


A greenhouse kit assembled in the spring can allow you to start seeds and propagate early.  If assembled in the summer, you can extend your growing season and bring fresh tomatoes to your table as Jack Frost is knocking on your greenhouse door.  If you put your kit together in the fall, you can fire up your heat and grow through the winter.


If you wish to grow delicious, high quality veggies and fruit year round consider purchasing a greenhouse covering material that over delivers. SolaWrap proves itself by lasting over 30 years of on greenhouse structures though out Europe. Solawrap  delivers the most value for your investment.


This conundrum brings the old adage to mind: When you are young, you have time and energy, but no money.  When you are middle-aged, you have money, but no time.  When you are old, you have time and money, but no energy!


What ever you decide to do is perfectly fine with us. If you see the pages on the calendar turning with out your greenhouse dreams coming to fruition, and you want to buy a greenhouse kit so you won’t miss another season, contact us, we can help you get started by making an informed decision. 1-781-816-7811


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