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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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Geodesic Greenhouse Plan

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Greenhouse Plans

A Geodesic Greenhouse Plan may look intimidating at first, however it is quite simple to assemble.

Every geodesic greenhouse plan is based on a frequency.  The frequency of a geodesic dome is basically how many sub triangles make up a large triangle.  Frequency determines the height to width ratio.  There are 3 types of frequencies that are commonly used for geodesic greenhouse plans.


2V – a 2V dome is usually has a smaller diameter.  The triangles that comprise a 2V dome get very big as you approach the 18 ft diameter mark.  Therefore, these types of domes are used primarily for 18 ft diameters or less.  In an 18 ft 2V dome, each side of the triangle is around six ft.  These are the simplest domes you can build.  They only have 65 struts to cut and 40 triangles to cover.  The height is half of the diameter.  If you are building an 18 ft diameter 2V dome, it will be 9 ft tall.

3VThere are two types of 3V domes, 3V 4/9 and 3V 5/9.  A 3V 4/9 domes are much shorter, and therefore better suited to a greenhouse structure.  The last thing you want is for all the heat to rise away from your plants.  A 3V dome is uneven on the bottom, meaning it does not sit flat on the ground.  If you want to build this kind of dome, you will have to tweak it by shortening the longest struts on the bottom, or building risers for the struts that don’t reach the ground.

 The 3V 4/9 is more squat looking, not semi-spherical.  This can benefit those in very cold climates, keeping the warm air closer to the grow beds.  It has 120 struts to cut and 75 triangles to cover with SolaWrap polyethylene film.  3V 4/9 frequency for geodesic greenhouse plans will be best when designs are for diameters from 19 ft to 29 ft.  If your triangles get too big and are larger than about six to 6 to 6.5 ft across, your dome becomes much more dangerous to construct.

4VThe 4V dome is the classic large dome shape.  It is a half-sphere, and with many more triangles, it has no corners jutting out.  The 4V geodesic dome is half as tall as it is wide, just like the 2V.  It has 250 struts and 160 triangles to cover.  A 4V dome is good for diameters from 30 to 40 ft across.  A 40 ft 4V dome would be 20 ft tall and great for growing vertically with hydroponics.

If you want a geodesic greenhouse plan for a dome larger than 40 ft in diameter, you would then be cutting 100-200 more struts.  At that point, there are so many struts that they begin to block out the light.  When you are installing the final pieces at the top, you are very high off the ground and your dome can become dangerous to construct.  Though it can, of course, be done, you will need staging and at least 1 more set of hands in order to get the job done safely.

Overwhelmed by all of this? You are not alone, there are many others who are building greenhouse kits who are, we were too, at first until we did our research and realized the prices of other greenhouse kits. We are so glad we settled on a geodesic greenhouse plan and we are confident that this structure will deliver everything we wanted and more. If you are anguished in your decisions talk to as many people as you can, we are here too. Simply contact us at or 1-781-816-7811.


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