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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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Geodesic Greenhouse Domes

Greenhouse Dome Kits

Greenhouse Dome Kits

Geodesic greenhouse domes + mass rocket heaters +SolaWrap greenhouse plastic = year-round growing!

Large geodesic greenhouse domes can be efficiently heated with very little firewood using a rocket mass heater.  A rocket mass heater is an innovative greenhouse heating system that is similar to traditional wood burning stoves.  In a traditional stove, the chimney is placed behind or above the fire, pulling most of the warm air up and out of the building.  In a rocket mass heater, the chimney is not above the fire; it is level with the fire.  The chimney is buried in a bench surrounded by materials that are composed of heavy mass, which is typically stone or rocks.  This mass absorbs the heat from the fire and the hot air pushes through from the fire though the flue.  The mass builds and holds heat long after the fire has gone out. Then the heat is released from the mass over a long period of time, up to 24-48 hours to provide warmth to your plants.

A circularly designed rocket mass heater can work with the shape of the geodesic dome greenhouse, which naturally circulates air because it has no corners for air to get trapped in.  If the greenhouse dome is covered with a properly insulated poly film material, such as SolaWrap the heat will remain where it should be – around your plants.

Rocket mass heaters can be built relatively inexpensively. They require a few important parts, and the rest can usually be found for free or for low cost.  The most expensive parts of a rocket mass heater are the firebrick and mortar, and the ductwork for the chimney bench.  If these can be sourced second-hand, you are significantly reducing your cost.  Other materials include metal drums of various sizes, sand and clay mixture, and stone or other heavy material for the mass.  These are easily accessible, especially to someone who can navigate craigslist.

A rocket mass heater uses as little as 10% of the wood that a normal stove would use.  This is perfect for the gardener who wants fresh food year-round without the expense of propane or other forms of heating.  Geodesic greenhouse domes using rocket mass heater technology are the next generation of self-reliance.

Comfortably gardening in your greenhouse dome, sitting on your warm rocket mass bench,and growing  all year long are more than refreshing thoughts. Reality is that your dome can be warmer than your home and cost less to heat on a below freezing winter day, with a wind chill below zero. Others have shared that spending time inside the dome is exhilarating. The rewarding and relaxing feelings many experience being surrounded by growing plants in the dead of a cold winter is exciting.

Building geodesic greenhouse domes look challenging, however when you purchase a prefabricated dome kit, that has all the accurately cut pieces ready to be assemebled along with a set accurate instructions you will be planting seeds in no time.

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