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Greenhouse Plastic Options, What Offers the Best Value?

SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic

SolaWrap Greenhouse Poly

Greenhouse Plastic Options for greenhouse covering materials are increasing.


You can find cheap 4 or 6 mil at your local home improvement store.  This will last for one season to up to four years.  4 or 6 mil plastic is polyethylene with high light transmission and low light diffusion.  It can be doubled up to increase the low insulation levels, however you must blow air through the two layers to get a higher insulation value.


Polycarbonate comes in many different forms.  You can find single layer, twin-wall, up to 5 wall polycarbonate.  All these options use channels to hold air, required for insulating the greenhouse.  These channels must be sealed to get the most insulation out of your polycarbonate.  You also will need to choose between high light transmission, and high light diffusion.  A clear polycarbonate will give you high transmission, but low diffusion.  A glazed polycarbonate will give you high diffusion with low transmission.  Both diffusion and transmission of sunlight are important for successful plant quality and  yield .  Light transmission shows how much light gets into the greenhouse.  Light diffusion is the soft light that plants love and thrive under.  If you deprive your plants of one or the other, they will suffer in some way.


SolaWrap utilizes bubbles in thick polyethylene plastic to both transmit high amounts of light, and diffuse high amounts of light.  The bubbles bend the light in all different directions so no glaze is needed to diffuse as well as block light.  The result is astounding.  The amount of light your plants receive helps them to grow quickly, while the diffused light hits all surfaces of the plant, allowing it to develop fruit faster.  Growers in the Mediterranean have reported a three week advancement in their tomato crop, as compared to tomato plants grown in greenhouses covered in other kinds of greenhouse plastic.


Not all plastics are created equal.  SolaWrap is made in Germany.  It was invented with through quality German engineering.  Germans are known for their skills and production of high quality products.  SolaWrap is available in the US now after 30 years of exclusivity in Europe.  The process of blowing the bubbles into SolaWrap and welding a strong keder cord onto the sides of the material is proprietary and nearly impossible to replicate.


SolaWrap comes in four different widths, 4’, 5’, 6’, and 2 meter.  These widths accommodate different bow spacing on greenhouses.  SolaWrap comes 100 meters long, or 328 feet.  Instead of panels or large sheets, these strips of greenhouse plastic allow for easy installation.  Not only is it easy, but it is safe too.  For those needing to re-cover greenhouses, SolaWrap offers the quickest and safest installation available.


We offer a new paradigm in greenhouse plastic.  Get all the benefits, with no compromises. Protect your crops from harsh weather conditions and enjoy the benefits of growing year round with less energy.

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