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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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Solawrap: Innovative Greenhouse Covering, Best Kept Secret For 29 Years

SolaWrap Keder Greenhouse Plastic

SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic

RKW SE located in Michelstadt Germany owns the technology of the most innovative greenhouse covering in the world. Polydress® LP Keder commonly known as “polykeder” or “keder” has been in use for 30 years in Europe, but has been hidden from the US for all that time. Keder has growers in the Mediterranean boasting a three-week crop advancement of tomatoes, in the wintertime, in an unheated greenhouse compared to all the other alternatives. Keder has everything that a commercial grower, or back yard grower would ever want in a greenhouse film.


First, it boasts an R-Value of 1.7 without the aid of inflation systems. 1.7 is higher than double blown poly systems and twin wall polycarbonate. This special film incorporates natures honey comb design to trap air in bubbles that create a dead air space within the film. Keder is comprised of three layers of polyethylene. However, interesting enough each layer of this film is made up of three layers that are scientifically fused into one. So in reality it is nine layers of film! Heat has a very hard time escaping this special material. The money saved in heating cost alone make this a very sought after material.


Second, it shatters the greenhouse film paradigm of having to choose either a transparent film for high levels of light intake or choosing a glazed material for high levels of light diffusion. Keder is 83% transparent BUT creates 83%  diffused light! In other words this product allows high levels of the type of light that plants grow under. No other greenhouse film can offer this.


Third, it is very strong and durable. There are greenhouses in Europe that have original keder on their greenhouses after 30 years! This German engineered film doesn’t yellow, streak, fog, or get brittle with time. It also withstands natures forces. Gale force winds, high snow loads and hail storms dont have an impact on this covering. This provides a feeling of security to the growers whose livelihood depends on the safety of their crops.


Finally, it is flexible so it can be implemented in roll up curtain systems. This allows for extreme ventilation in the summer time. Every grower understands the need to ventilate the heat of a greenhouse in the summer. Keder allows for that in such an easy way.


Polydress® LP Keder truly is the best kept secret in the greenhouse industry. Once it is known in the US our growers will reap the rewards of the special qualities of this German engineered film.


Commercial and backyard greenhouse owners a alike , who cover their structures with Solawrap will experience the best the industry has to offer. Do not take our word for it.  Call to request a sample 1-781-816-7811. Join our community and our bi-weekly webinars to ask questions about building greenhouse dome kits, harvesting a healthier lifestyle or growing the  most delicious food while providing security for your family. You can email us too, at and follow us.