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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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Poly Keder Slated to Increase Profits for CSA Farmers

Poly Keder SolaWrap

CSA Farmers Increase Profits

How can Poly keder Solawrap increase profits for CSA Farmers?

If you are seeking to grow for your community through providing a year-round CSA, you have probably found that there are many obstacles to overcome.  How do you grow year-round, especially in the northern states?  If you invest in a greenhouse, how do you get the most out of your investment?  How long before you see a return on your investment, and how long will that investment last?

If you are in a northern state, you have to think about more things than the southerners do, such as sunlight hours, sunny days vs. cloudy days, temperature lows, humidity levels, and orientation.  If your location gets fewer than 6 hours of sunlight in a winter day, you will have to have grow lights.  The locations that must deal with this are mostly in Alaska and Canada.  If you have more cloudy days than sunny days, you may also want to think about grow lights, just to ensure that your plants will grow throughout the winter months.

Your best bet is to invest in high quality materials for your greenhouse.  High quality materials will help you grow year-round because they have the properties that maximize sunlight and minimize temperature fluctuations.  Polydress® SolaWrap poly Keder is perfect for year-round growing because it resists temperature fluctuations better than any other greenhouse covering material.  In Europe, they call this “Thermal Resistivity.”  Thermal resistivity means that the material does not transfer heat, better still; it resists transferring heat, to a certain degree. Polydress® SolaWrap’s thermal resistive qualities equal 27!  Seeing that each countries measurement standards differ, rough estimations indicate that TR is 3-5 times greater than that of other materials.

You will want to maximize growing space by building as large of a greenhouse as your budget and property allows, while using as little material as possible.  You can build hoop style tunnels with poles, brackets, a small amount of wood along with SolaWrap poly keder greenhouse film and S-Lock interlocking system.  If you use larger gauge poles, your investment will be stronger and last much longer.  If you then raise your growing area with low-cost sandbags or cement blocks, you will be able to grow even more plants.  Raising your grow beds above the frost level keeps your soil warmer and less susceptible to temperature fluctuations from the outside.

SolaWrap keeps the inside of your hoop house much warmer than other greenhouse coverings do.  In Milwaukee, WI, urban farmer, Mr. Will Allen, has reported that his SolaWrap hoop house is ten degrees warmer in the winter mornings than his other hoop houses.  Just imagine how much you can grow with that kind of temperature security.

You will see your ROI quicker if you can grow and sell more produce.  With a high quality SolaWrap hoop house, you know your investment will last for a long time.  SolaWrap poly keder has been proven to last up to 30 years in Europe.  The stronger your poles, or hoops, the more they will resist the weather and stand the test of time.

If you decide to invest in lesser quality materials, how long will that investment last?  Standard polyethylene greenhouse covers may last up to 4 years, however many have reported theirs not lasting a full season.  It all depends on the weather in your area, high winds, hail, UV, etc. The main way to determine the value of your greenhouse poly is to evaluate how well your plants grow under the covering you select?  This is what we know to be true, under SolaWrap, tomatoes in the Mediterranean have been growing three weeks faster when compared to tomatoes growing under other greenhouse coverings.  This is because of the highly transmitted light and highly diffused light.  The more sunlight your plants get, the better they grow and produce fruit.  Diffused light is the best light for your plants.  Under SolaWrap, you are getting 83% light transmission and 83% light diffusion.

SolaWrap costs the same as double-wall polycarbonate, however it cannot be bent to fit on the hoops of a hoop house.

You get the best of all worlds with SolaWrap poly Keder on a greenhouse dome kit in a geodesic design.  Your year-round CSA will be a reliable source of quality food for those in your community.

All of this can be confusing; we know that there are many questions about greenhouse plastic, greenhouse designs, what to grow and how to grow in greenhouse structures.  We would love to have you join our weekly webinars. Bring your questions. We may not have all the answers, however are connected to industry experts who are very willing to share insights. You can always contact us at 1-781-816-7811 or by email with questions.