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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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How To Build A Greenhouse

How To Build A Green House Kit

How To Build A Green House

How to build a greenhouse…plans or kits?

If you want to learn how to build a greenhouse, there are certain rules to help guide you.  A greenhouse is similar to any outbuilding.  You need some sort of a foundation, a structure, and a covering.  There are also accessories that will help keep your greenhouse temperate all year long, including vents and a water tank.

The foundation you choose will largely depend on the type of greenhouse you are building.  If you are building a rectangular greenhouse, the foundation will need to be strong.  You will need to anchor the greenhouse in many places.  Rectangular greenhouses do not withstand wind very well; they can spin like a top or blow over easily.  If you are building a dome greenhouse, your foundation does not need to be nearly as strong.  The wind travels over a dome in a more aerodynamic fashion.  You can use gravel, pavers, concrete pylons, or a cement pad.

Your structure will be based on simple plans that should detail how to build a greenhouse.  Your plans should give you spacing between bows, angles, and dimensions.  Your plans could indicate where, if at all, you should put insulation and bracing.  You greenhouse plans should also show how to build a doorframe and windows or vents, and what dimensions your door should be.

The covering you use on your greenhouse is the most important part.  The covering is what allows light in and retains heat, or conversely, does not allow light in and does not retain heat.  It is what protects your plants.  The covering you choose should blanket your plants with insulation if you are in the north.  It should allow for easy ventilation.  And it should last for as long as possible, as replacing a greenhouse covering can be backbreaking work.

Accessories can make a greenhouse worth all the effort.  Without certain provisions, your greenhouse would be more useful as a shed than a place to cultivate plants.  Vents are absolutely necessary.  You want overhead vents, as well as, wall vents.  This allows the heat to naturally rise to the top of your greenhouse and then to be eliminated through the top vent.  As the hot air is eliminated, the cooler air from outside the greenhouse is naturally drawn through the sidewall vents.  This air exchange helps to keep your greenhouse cooler.

You may also consider a shade cloth.  This is a large cloth that you can either cover your greenhouse in or hang inside your greenhouse, to block some of the sunshine from burning your plants.  Shade cloths can keep your greenhouse temperatures down and maintain a healthier environment for your plants.

A water tank is a great accessory that can help you year-round.  Place your water tank on the north side of your greenhouse.  Above your water tank, you can attach a reflective material to the wall.  In the winter, the water can absorb the heat from the sun.  As the sun’s rays hit the reflective material, they are redirected into the water tank beneath.  The water absorbs the heat from the sun’s rays all day and releases that heat during the night, maintaining a warm temperature for you plants.  In the summer, as the sun is higher in the sky, the reflective wall can act as a shade cloth.  The sun’s rays no longer come in at such an angle as to reflect heat into the water.  The water can then serve as a cooling mechanism.  The water is in the shade all summer, and can cool the greenhouse because of the lower water temperature.

There are a few general rules and wonderful accessories that can really assist you as you learn how to build a greenhouse.  The right foundation, structural plans, and covering will set you on your path, and the right accessories will help you along your way to providing fresh, nutritious food for your family year-round.

If you need assistance or want to learn how to build a greenhouse be sure to check out our Youtube videos. Contact us at 1-781-816-7811 or if you have questions.