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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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Is Convenience Killing You?

If you are aware of all or even some of the imbalances within your health that could be resulting from the food you are eating, then you may want to consider building your own greenhouse in your back yard.

Food Manufacturers are doing everything within their marketing power to make you believe that convenience does not cost you your health.


Unfortunately, with an ever-increasing demand to feed a population that is expanding faster that we can handle, food producers need to create ways to meet that need. This stressed food supply allows nutrient depleted, refined foods full of chemicals to enter the food supply and sold at the grocery stores of America.

Are these foods changing our health for the worse? Turn on the news or the TV and hear

  •  About the increasing obesity crisis
  • That 1 out of every 2 people are suffering with incurable cancers or other life altering diseases
  • Commercials selling drugs for so many health conditions that we never suffered from before, with horrible side effects, even death.
  • Allergies are out of control.
  • Auto immune diseases are afflicting individuals at younger ages and are becoming wide spread.

Many of these diseases, did not exist 50 years ago to the extent that they do today. Could it be related to the food we are eating?

What if we ate nutrient rich healthy, unadulterated food? Would we be a healthier nation, like our forefathers and the generations before us were?

When farming and agricultural businesses were the mainstream of the heartlands of America, over 50% of the population was family, local farmers.  The Food was sold at local markets and purchased by consumers fresh.

Understanding the details behind refined foods, alone, are enough to make you want to build a backyard or hobby greenhouse. Live, fresh, vine ripened foods and herbs do not require a refining process. If you grow them on your property, then there is no packaging for storage and travel.

Refined foods originate from food that has been grown while being soaked with herbicides and pesticides, in order to protect them from insects and deliver nutrients that the soil cannot. Unfortunately, when these substances are consistently being applied to food crops, the soil becomes burdened with residues and the foods grown in that soil absorb the residues into their cells.

When the food manufacturers prepare foods, they are required to meet with many safety regulations. These processing and purifying practices tend to strip out anything that could qualify the food as being “alive”. Our packaged food supply is left with herbicide and pesticide residue along with preservatives and antibiotics. This refining process extends the shelf life of many store products and keeps them from rotting or growing bacteria or breading germs that they could have been exposed to during their production process.

Refined foods are completely devoid of bioavailable nutrients. Even though food manufactures try their best to replenish the foods with synthetic nutrients in order to meet recommended daily allowances, the foods are not whole, healthy or fresh.

While these substances are serving their purposes for food production and preservation, these substances tend to encourage fat storage in the body. However, before refined foods get to the fat storage stage, they can upset the balance on your intestinal flora, your enzymes and your hormones. Many of these chemical or medicinal compounds can be known to cause negative and unhealthy reactions in multiple systems in your body.

All this processing activity, some believe is necessary to meet the demands of a rapidly increasing world population.

The truth is, convenience has a price and not just a monetary price.  You lose control over the quality of your food when you choose convenience.  When the quality of your food is poor, your health is poor.  You are what you eat.

Growing your own food does not have to be backbreaking, time-consuming, and expensive or life altering.  You can build your own greenhouse and have fresh food, year-round by devoting less than an hour each day.

Working in your greenhouse can become a family activity.  Study after study has proven that time spent in the garden contributes to stress-relief and enhances well-being.  Instead of sitting in front of the TV for an hour each day, you could be out in your greenhouse, connecting with nature, increasing your spiritual sensitivity and inspiring a healthier well being for your whole family. Just knowing where food comes from and how it is grown provides a great relief for many people.

As we all find ourselves shifting to a time where we care more about our health and our family’s health, perhaps relaying on convenience has to be seriously evaluated and adjusted.

If you are concerned about the food quality and food supply, then learn about healthier alternatives. Many Americans realize they need to make changes in their eating habits, as they view the ever increasing negative results a standard diet is delivering to the average American.

Now is the time to stop being average. Why not join with millions of other’s and build your own greenhouse!

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