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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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Greenhouse Plans Can Make or Break Your Project

Clear greenhouse plans

Accurate greenhouse plans

When setting out to build a greenhouse, it is important to consider different greenhouse plans.  There are many different types of plans.


Hoop house plans are simple.  Hoops are made by bending metal poles and arranging them to create a tunnel.  This style is cost effective and do not require a lot of skill.  Plans will include dimensions as well as layout, but can easily be adapted to your needs.  If you require a larger or smaller tunnel, you can simply adjust the measurements and continue to build.

Traditional greenhouses come in many styles.  There are gothic greenhouses, with peaked roofs, gutter-connect greenhouses, with several arches, lean-to’s, and a host of other types.  The higher the roof, the more heat will rise.  Traditional greenhouses are more often bought than built, because they are very specific in measurements.  The foundation of a traditional greenhouse must be perfectly level and sound.  Even slight mistakes can have devastating effects if you are using rigid glass or polycarbonate paneling.  Plans must be adhered to with the strictest attention to detail.  There is no “wiggle room” to alter the plans to accommodate your needs.

Geodesic greenhouse dome plans are very precise as well.  The dome structure has a beauty all it’s own.  There is not much variation from one dome to the next.  You can find plans for small domes, with few triangles, about 35.  You can find dome plans that have an uneven bottom.  This can be a roadblock for some, or a fun challenge for others.  Or you can find greenhouse plans for a large dome that has many triangles, about 160.  This can be a daunting task to consider, but once you get the hang of it, the work passes quickly.

Dome greenhouse plans will vary only with the frequency of the dome you decide on.  You can quickly and easily find the simple layout of each dome frequency on a number of dome calculator sites.  To figure out which dome frequency is best for you, decide on what size dome you want.  Up to 18’-20’ can easily be done with a 2V.  This is the simplest dome to construct, with the fewest cuts, struts, and triangles.  A 3V is a very complicated design because of the uneven bottom.  Only those with a background in woodworking and construction should attempt this type of greenhouse plan.  A 4V will cause you much more work, but you have the freedom to build up to a 42’ diameter dome.  This will give you exponentially more space inside.

Whatever type of greenhouse you choose to build, greenhouse plans are an important part of the process, and the more accurate the better.

If you are stuck or confused that is normal, this endeavor is very overwhelming. Join our biweekly webinars ask questions, share what you know. We are here to help.