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Working with Clint to build a greenhouse dome kit was so much easier than trying to figure it out from plans I found on the web. Clint knows his stuff.

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Welcome to Greenhouse Dome kits, we are so glad you are here.

So you want to build a greenhouse. Great! Good for you!

Our goal is to provide you with information to help you make informed and practical decisions about building a  greenhouse in your backyard. Being able to produce your own food in your Solawrap Greenhouse does not need to be expensive or time-consuming.

There is much to consider.
The big questions many people ask are, “What greenhouse design is the best?” and “Do we go with greenhouse plans or do we buy a greenhouse kit?”

These questions and more can be answered right here on Greenhouse Dome Kits. However, the best answers we can provide are the ones that respond to the questions you have.

Join our community; we would love to engage with you. We look forward to helping you. Get ready to be amazed, because we know this works.

See you again…. soon. Till then Be Happy! Be Healthy! and Love More!

Take care for now,
Clint and Britt